About us

Sai City Higher Secondary School(Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir) To develop a positive, vibrant and healthy learning environment so that ideas can be converted in to constant never ending actions towards the advancement of the society. To create a centre of excellence for empowering young minds prepared for global competency.

According to the curriculum prescribed by the government of Uttar Pradesh for the secondary education the management aspires to provide all desired facilities within the resources contents and continuously keeps on bringing in improvement so that the students are provided with a hassle free environment in their education. The staff of the college continuously work towards attainment of these goals under the guidance of the Principal.

I am really privileged to announce that with the integration of the School Application with the School Website, we, the Management and the Staff continue to cater the educational requirements of our students despite the constraints caused by the Covid-19.

I gratefully acknowledge the constant and unstinted support and cooperation of the parents and the students to the realization of our vision of education for sustainability.

I look forward to your valuable support and cooperation in fulfilling every dream of your children entrusted to our care.

While playing adequate emphasis on the prescribed syllabus, the school pays extra attention to personality development, which is furthered by involving all students in various arts, cultural, and sport activities through trained professionals. In order to meet its goals, the institutions are guided by an expert advisory committee which helps modernizing and streamlining the teaching methods of the school. The main medium of instruction is English. Second languages are Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu.