Pawan Singh Gaur

Sai City Higher Secondary School(Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir) Think about it. Not only was the staff doing something new, their domestic situations were extremely stressful. Jobs had been lost, husbands and wives were working from home, children were also at home and needed to be supervised. To add to it, multiple devices were needed in a single home for work and study. The first two months were particularly taxing as there were shortages of essential items and lack of domestic help. Another grave problem was connectivity as everything depended upon the internet which was overloaded as lakhs of people and especially students depended upon internet connectivity to do their jobs or attend classes. But our staff, students and parents rose above it all and showed that it could be done, for nothing is impossible if we tell ourselves that we can do it and do it well. We thank God for being with us all through these trying times. He guided us, made us strong, blessed us and helped us to find the way forward in spite of the many big and small problems that we had to deal with on a daily basis.

Smt. Rekha Singh Gaur

Sai City Higher Secondary School(Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir) In addition to high quality academies, life at Children School provides a variety of opportunities for all round development of a child through music, sports, debates, quizzes, social involvement and cultural activities. The activity periods which are organized twice a week provide an opportunity for students to display their creative ability, develop their interest and build confidence. By the Grace of God, co-operation of parents, well-wishers, efficient, dedicated and selfless teachers. The school will ever more strive for excellence and contribute in building a just and humane society.As a pivotal centre of educational excellence, MPS has always responded proactively to all educational challenges and opportunities alike, continually refurbishing its learning strategies and goals, enabling students to understand and act on issues of global significance and develop competence to investigate the world beyond their immediate environment.

Arvind Kumar

Sai City Higher Secondary School(Maa Saraswati Gyan Mandir) The importance of secondary education becomes more prominent as the students which are part of this education are adolescent and require proper guidance for development of their personality to enable them to acquire enough skills in the selection of their career and Galuvapur Inter College to encourage them and provide a platform for launching their career to attain the the desired occupational skill. According to the curriculum prescribed by the government of Uttar Pradesh for the secondary education the management aspires to provide all desired facilities within the resources contents and continuously keeps on bringing in improvement so that the students are provided with a hassle free environment in their education. The staff of the college continuously work towards attainment of these goals under the guidance of the Principal. I am not only optimistic but confident that the students from class 6 to 12 will not only develop their talent to complete for vocational skills but also attain an all-around development in their personality to participate and lead the democratic citizenship successfully with the sense of mutual cooperation, bonding and social responsibility.

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